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A brief history of plantation shutters

September 12, 2016

Plantation shutters are a fantastic way to control the light, privacy and insulation of your home. The history of plantation shutters can be followed all the way back to ancient Greece, although styles, materials and the construction has certainly changed.

Interior Shutters in ancient times

As glass was not commonly available, interior shutters were developed to protect the inhabitants of a home from dirt, dust and light. In ancient Greece, interior shutters were originally made from marble, providing a strong protecting window covering in a way that a cloth curtain could not.

The weight of the marble however was too heavy to easily move, and the slats would only remain in a single fixed position. As the desire for interior shutters spread, more lightweight materials such as timber were being used.

Plantation shutter benefits

With the increased popularity of shutters, continual improvements were being made on a regular basis. With many advancements came more moveable parts, allowing people to control the angle of the slats for ventilation, privacy and light control.

By the time the 18th and 19th century came, interior shutters were being installed frequently inside homes throughout the American South, where they gained the now popular name of plantation shutters.

Although the plantation shutter is used for many types of homes and windows, the name stating the grandeur and elegance of the Southern plantation mansions stuck to this day.

Looking for plantation shutters?

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