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Bumper New Blind and Curtain Trends in 2015

March 31, 2015

With the turn of the New Year comes brilliant, fresh ideas and designs for the blind industry. With interesting new ways to create additional space, plus the return of some classical styles, there is sure to be a new design aspect that will be suited to your home.

The Blinds Spot Co have selected four of the hottest new trends and ideas that are hitting the market today. Each one of these is unique and guaranteed to add great style and detail to your home. Have a read through and let us know in the comments section which one you liked the most!

Return of Classical Styles

The incredible, sweeping and majestic curtain designs of centuries past, have entered back into vogue in the past two years. These designs typically feature grand fabrics, such as silk, and elegant tassels, that aim to provide a sense of grandeur to the room.

Bold usage of colour, either for a contrasting effect or to help tie the room design together, is also a hallmark of these highly elegant styles. Custom Roman blinds are great for these grand designs to flourish in your home due to their unique singular form, whilst also offering convenience with their easy-to-use, folding mechanism.

Tulle Curtains

Tulle was once a very popular type of curtain, owing to its uniquely translucent meshing that allowed soft light to enter the room. It was also available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. As time progressed, however, the requirement of curtains to provide security and privacy outstripped the display value of tulle, and it was rarely seen for a long time.

Now that there’s a market for attractive curtains that can seamlessly blend into their surroundings, tulle curtains have once again become a popular item. Available in more patterns and colours than ever before, tulle offers you the chance to brighten your living space, whilst adding the fine details that will make the area stand out.

Outdoor Segregation Blinds

Variable space within the property has become an important commodity in the last decade, with more and more households across the country simply wanting more of it. Outdoor blinds have therefore become a cost effective and attractive way, of allowing great versatility in enclosing or opening a particular area.

Many homes now have outdoor day night blinds fitted around their centrepiece verandah area. This offers a lovely, open area during the afternoon, or an enclosed dining/gathering area in the evening. These blinds are also highly effective in protecting your patio or verandah from extreme weather conditions, allowing you to experience the great outdoors with indoor comforts.

Modernised Shutters

In addition to tulle curtains, designer shutters have once again come back into mainstream fashion for their distinctive appearance and affordability. Based on both traditional and plantation shutters, these more contemporary shutters provide additional privacy, security and attractiveness.

Coming in a wide range of materials, from conventional timbers to energy saving aluminium, shutters can also boast of great versatility in style. Whether you prefer the typical, horizontal slatted look, or flexi shutters that can bend to specifically designed glass frames, there is now a shutter system tailored for every home design.

The Blinds Spot Co is the number one supplier of window blinds in Melbourne, and all of these great styles and design ideas can be found at our prestigious showroom. With hundreds of colours and materials to choose from, we can happily help you realise your dream home interior. Call us today on 03 9310 3730, and find out why our name is symbolic with quality and luxurious, blinds and curtains.