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Choosing the Right Shutter for Your Home

May 12, 2015

Plantation shutters are currently the hottest trend sweeping the blinds industry at the moment, and with these coverings coming in so many different materials, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. But this awesome variety of materials also poses a tough question – exactly which type will be perfectly suited for your home?

It’s important to remember that each of the different types of these window coverings are intended for a specific purpose. Whether it be for a purely aesthetic purpose, to effectively cut out sunlight, or to add an insulation property to your home, there will definitely be a material suited for your needs. Below, we’ve run through the three main types of plantation coverings, discussing in depth which particular material works best for your desired purpose.

Timber Shutters
Timber shutters are the traditional type of plantation coverings, and are best suited for those looking to add extra, aesthetic depth to their home interior. Timber plantations normally come in two different types – poplar and basswood shutters – and understanding the differences and benefits of the two is integral to selecting the right timber covering.

Basswood has been the more popular of the two in recent years, owing to the current environmentally conscious culture found in Australia, and possesses a lovely warmth that will help to brighten the atmosphere of the room. Poplar, the more traditional of the two, can provide your home with a natural, rustic appeal, and can be commonly seen in older style residences.

Aluminium Shutters
With the rise of the desire to create a functional, sheltered verandah setting, has come the need for a reliable, durable shutter alternative for the outdoors. Galvanised aluminium shutters possess all of the great qualities that we have come to expect from Australian aluminium, and will provide you constant shelter from many extremes of our climate.

PVC Shutters
Another type that has seen a recent increase in popularity is that of PVC shutters. PVC coverings are fantastic as they have two distinct elements behind their design: Complete customisation of colour and shapes, and effective insulation. It is the latter of these two points which has seen PVC coverings adopted into energy conscious homes, keeping the house cool in summer and warm in winter.

PVC is also suitable for use outdoors, and can also be found lining outside corridors, and even as a direct alternative to their aluminium counterparts. Perhaps the best attribute is the wide range of colours that PVC coverings are available in, allowing the homeowner to customise the window coverings to suit their existing interior design.

No matter which type you choose, you can count on the team at The Blinds Spot Co to provide you with the highest quality of timber, aluminium and PVC coverings that you will ever find in Melbourne. Call us to arrange a free measure and quote on your new shutters on 03 9310 3730.

Which is your favourite type of plantation window covering?