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Cleaning your plantation shutters

September 16, 2016

If you have had plantation shutters installed in your home or office, you may think that the work is done after finding the right installers, and chosen a design that looks amazing.

But don’t forget that every now and then they will need a clean to keep looking great, and functioning perfectly.

To ensure that you are using the most appropriate methods for cleaning your plantation shutters, we’ve complied a few points below for the different types of plantation shutters materials, and how to clean them.

Cleaning timber plantation shutters

The natural material of basswood timber means that natural products will be needed during the cleaning method. It’s best to clean them without using a lot of water, and we recommend the use of an old dusting cloth and brush vacuum attachment.

The first step, is to run the vacuum using the brush attachment over the closed shutters to get rid of as much dust as possible. Then take the soft cloth, and open the blinds. Gently wipe the shutters in between each slat, to remove any remaining dust and dirt.

Once these two steps have been completed, wet the cloth slightly with plain water, and very gently rub any areas of the blinds that may have stubborn marks or stains.

Lastly, wipe the areas that have been rubbed with the wet cloth with a dry cloth. This will avoid the blind soaking up the water, and possibly becoming warped.

Cleaning PVC shutters

Because PVC is not a natural material, they may be cleaned using harsher cleaning methods if needed.

It’s best to start the cleaning process with a brush attachment on a low vacuum setting, while the blinds are closed. If this does not yield the desired results, move onto the following steps.
Take a wet cloth and gently wipe the shutters in between each slat, making sure to wipe both the top and bottom of each slat.

If stubborn stains persists, take an everyday cleaning solution such as dishwashing detergent, and mix it with a warm bowl of water. Dip an old cloth into the solution, and wipe down the dirty areas of the shutters.

Once the area is clean, take a dry cloth and wipe down the slats, taking care to wipe each nook and cranny to ensure they are dry.

Cleaning outdoor plantation shutters

Plantation shutters can also be placed on the outdoor window furnishings of your home.

Outdoor plantation shutters will allow you to control privacy, light and insulation for your home or office interior, however will require more regular cleaning than your interior plantation shutters.

Start with a low pressure spray with a hose on the ‘spray’ setting to remove all of the loose dirt and material. Alternate this while the shutters are both open and closed.

Once the loose material has been washed off, you can then wipe down the shutters with a soapy solution. There are plenty of cleaning detergents that are made exclusively for shutters, but simple dishwashing detergent and some warm water may work fine also.

If you are worried that the solution may discolour the shutter, test a small hidden area of the shutters with the solution first.

Different cleaning schedules for different rooms.

Kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms will likely require cleaning on a more regular basis, due to airborne foods, grime and exposure to liquids.

You will likely be able to judge for yourself whether your plantation shutters need a touch up and clean.

Get in touch, if your plantation shutters are beyond repair.

Here at The Blinds Spot Co, we offer a full range of plantation shutters in Melbourne, in many materials, for all areas of your home and office.