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Ensure Privacy and a Good Night’s Sleep with Dual Roller Blinds

April 21, 2015

Conventional roller blinds give you a choice of either guaranteeing privacy and security for your home, or dimming the effect of the sun. Unfortunately, up until now, you could only choose one, meaning that you had to compromise. Dual roller blinds allow you to have both, and in keeping up to date with modern technology, these double rollers have never been more versatile or more practical.

The Blinds Spot Co specialises in dual rollers, and we have a large selection for you to choose from regarding colours, material, and block out quality. We’ve composed a short list of the benefits of dual roller blinds, making it easier for you to decide which type of double roller will complement your home.

Block Out and Screen Quality

Our collection of screen blinds provides the most efficient way to minimise the harsh effects of the sun, and together with block out screens, you can now have both conveniently at your disposal. This combination allows you to adjust your blinds to whatever the weather conditions are outside at any given time. They are also great for use outdoors, providing shade or completely enclosing the verandah area depending on the situation.

Double roller blinds can also be fitted with an automated system, adding extra convenience and protection. These systems can measure how much light is hitting the sensor, and can adjust themselves accordingly.

Effective Privacy

Privacy is becoming a big issue in the modern age, and dual rollers can completely block out your interior from the outside world. Modern double rollers now come with a heavy duty, spring assisted pulley system, that is designed to be wound up very quickly and with ease for additional convenience.

On top of the great benefits to the privacy of your home, you can use block out and sunscreen blinds in conjunction with each other to ensure no street lights enter the bedroom at night. This is a great way to ensure that you have an undisturbed night’s sleep. Another popular option is to add a timer function to the double roller, allowing the block out shade to wind itself up and let soft light enter the room in the morning.

Incredibly Customisable

Double roller blinds can accommodate a nearly infinite amount of materials and colours, ensuring that they can complement your interior with ease. Block out and sunscreen shades, in particular, can offer you a host of attractive, mesh patterns. In this way, you can keep your blinds distinctive and incorporate them as a feature section of the interior.

At The Blinds Spot Co, we have an impressively large gallery of designer block out blinds for you to choose from. We manufacture all of our blinds at our Tullamarine factory.

On top of double rollers, we also specialise in a large array of products, from awnings to security doors, and much more. Feel free to contact us today for a full measure and quote on 03 9310 3730, and let the expert professionals at The Blinds Spot Co fit your home with the best double roller blinds in Melbourne.