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Hobbled vs Flat – The Great Debate About Roman Blinds

April 28, 2015

We can all appreciate the sophistication and beauty that they bring, and the love affair with Roman blinds in Melbourne is a testament to how popular these types of blinds are right here at home. Having the ability to showcase brilliantly designed patterns, and coming in a seemingly endless supply of colours, Roman blinds are a great way to either add to, or distinguish itself apart from, the interior design of your home.

However, many people are tied between whether to select hobbled Romans – where the stitching is done in such a way as to allow for sag – or completely flat Romans. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and one over the other can be better suited to different types of homes. Below, we analyse the pros and cons of hobbled and flat Romans, giving you a better idea of which type of Roman will best complement your household.

Hobbled Roman Blinds

Hobbled Romans are the older type of Roman blind, and can commonly be found in many period era homes, and some of the more famous pieces of architecture throughout the world. Hobbled Romans include many different types, and as such offer an incredible variety of which to choose from. Some of the more well known types of hobbled Romans are:

Butterfly Romans
Waterfall Romans
Austrian Romans

Traditionally, hobbled Romans are blinds that incorporate incredibly beautiful patterns and textures, and are often accompanied by tassels, finials, and other forms of Roman blinds accessories. They are perfectly suited for interiors with a more rustic theme, often adding to this antiquated aesthetic.

Hobbled Romans, however, are extremely hard to clean, due to their design, and may require professional cleaners to effectively maintain them. Hobbled Romans are also quite heavy because of the sag in the fabric, and thus can potentially be quite cumbersome to wind up and down.

Flat Romans

Flat Romans emerged in the 1980’s as a more attractive alternative to the roller blinds that were prominent in many homes across Melbourne in the mid-20th century. Celebrating the contemporary movement and offering a very sleek, modern appearance, they became extremely popular for the next three decades. Flat Romans generally comprise of only one solid colour or a very simple design or gradient, with elaborate patterns very rare.

Flat Romans are easier to clean than their hobbled counterparts, but often lack the block out factor that the thicker fabric hobbled Romans possess. Flat Romans can also be less durable than hobbled Romans, due to the nature of their composition being easier to mass produce, as opposed to the often hand woven hobbled Romans.

No matter which one you prefer, The Blinds Spot Co has a Roman blind that will suit every home and personal taste. With an enormous collection of both flat and hobbled Roman blinds online, all coming with our guarantees of long-lasting quality and beauty, you can decorate your home interior to your ideal image. Contact us today on 03 9310 3730, and let The Blinds Spot Co help you realise your dream home interior design.

Which side of the window are you on, hobbled or flat? Let us know below, including what colours or patterns you like to see on Roman blinds.