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Oriental Style Roman Blinds – The New Trend Sweeping The Country

May 5, 2015

Recently, we touched on the great qualities that the different types of Roman blinds can offer you, proving further the incredible versatility associated with both Roman blinds and Roman blinds accessories. There is another type of Roman, however, that is becoming very popular at an increasingly quick rate, and it has a distinctly Oriental flavour to it too. We are, of course talking about aventura Roman shades, and simply put, they are incredible.

Aventura Roman shades aren’t necessarily a new thing, having been around for some time and used in many different settings and applications. However, aventura Romans have been the first pick for those looking for a high quality blind option, with a focus on clean lines, a relatively uncomplicated design, and soft and pleasing light colours endearing themselves to many homeowners.

Aventura Romans have also been popular with those looking to inject traditional Japanese aesthetics of modesty and sophistication into their interior design. Inspired by the instantly recognisable shoji screen designs, which utilise a strong visual structure of shapes and lines, aventuras are able to mimic this design without fault. This emphasis on simple qualities has also meant that aventura shades are the perfect fit for more contemporary designed homes.

These types of blinds perfectly exhibit all of the desirable traits of the stunning roman blinds Melbourne wide that you can find, however in a more modest tone. Instead of the eye catching colours and patterns that we most commonly associate with Roman blinds, it is the calm, pastel colours of aventura Romans that are most inviting. Containing a relatively simple design, they more closely resemble the hard surface of pelmets, whilst still being luxurious to touch.

Aventura Romans also require very little maintenance, with their simple structure contributing to this great quality. Whilst most Romans require a very thorough clean to keep their lustrous appearance intact, aventura blinds are fairly resistant to typical ailments, such as dust and dirt, and can also work relatively well as an outside blind as a result. Aventura Romans, therefore, pose as the perfect option for those looking for a distinctive touch of elegance, whilst wanting to keep regular upkeep to a minimum.

Perhaps the best aspect of aventura Roman blinds, however, is their magnificent screening or blocking capacity, in which once again, the simple design of an aventura blind is mainly to thank. Aventura blinds, even with the most elaborate rod accessories implemented, fold out flat with no sag, making them ideal to act as a gorgeous screen to illuminate the home. Their solid structure also makes them ideal to act as a secure block out blind, keeping the sun at bay, whilst also ensuring privacy and security are kept as high as possible.

At The Blinds Spot Co, our fine selection of custom made and hand made blinds has made us the leading provider of boutique Roman blinds in Melbourne. We also have a stunning gallery of Roman blinds online for you to browse through, allowing you to picture your ideal Roman blind inspired interior. Call The Blinds Spot Co today on 03 9310 3730, and let us show you our dedication to customer satisfaction as well as beautiful blinds.

Do you like the sound of aventura Romans? What was your favourite aspect of the blind?