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The benefits of panel glide blinds

June 5, 2015

With homeowners realising the benefits that blinds can offer their interior design, we thought we’d look at a trend that’s sweeping the country. With the housing market focusing on the interior of a home, many households have seen panel glides as a cost-effective alternative to knocking down or putting up walls.

Panel glides are an advancement from older sliding vertical blinds of, and are seeing a large increase in sales throughout Australian. Now with an easily accessible mechanism – similar to the way that dual roller blinds work – these types of blinds can effectively turn a room into a thing of beauty.

Panel glides have many other great features, and we’ve written a short list of the great benefits that these types of blinds in Melbourne can offer your home.

Easy to use

The sliding mechanism of panel glide roller blinds in Melbourne provides a way to improve the accessibility of the inside of your home. This is great news for those with limited mobility, and means that now anybody can use them to separate the areas of their home easily.

Perfect for full window doors

Full front glass doors have become popular during the rise in preference for simple designs, but finding a window covering for these of doors has been difficult until now. The sliding movement of panel glides follows with the sliding glass doors, meaning that you can enjoy the convenience of these types of entrances, whilst keeping your privacy.

Many colours and styles to choose from

Perhaps the best feature of panel glides is the large amount of fabrics and colours that are available. Following the versatility of Roman blinds, panel glides can easily be designed to blend in with the overall theme of your home interior. Panel glides also come in standard block out or screen materials, which are able to assist in the insulation of your home.

At The Blinds Spot Co, our panel glides are the highest quality on the market today, and we can have them installed in your home at a great price.

Contact us today on (03) 9310 3730, and ask us how we can provide your home with affordable, fantastic looking panel glide blinds today!