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The benefits of the latest trend: Outdoor plantation shutters

July 6, 2015

Recently, we wrote an article about the rise in popularity of plantation shutters, which can now be found serving a wide variety of applications right across the city. One particular area that plantations have been used extensively with are outdoor areas. Gazebos, verandahs, and larger patio areas, all benefit from the great flexibility that these covers can offer.

Below, we’ve listed three great ideas for outdoor covers, in particular PVC shutters, and how you can use them on your own property. The Blinds Spot Co is the leading provider of plantation shutters Melbourne wide, manufacturing basswood shutters, poplar shutters, and aluminium shutters, on top of PVC.

Stand alone marquee areas

For those lucky enough to own a gazebo, marquee, or other open area with a roof, you may wish to consider adding PVC covers onto your structure. They will be able to keep the area open, whilst also providing refuge should it be raining. One interesting use of these types of coverings is to attach them to half of the structure, facing the west. This has helped to provide the same great environment of the outdoors, whilst minimising the sun’s glare later in the day. This also creates a more enclosed setting, which will help to create a special occasion setting.


PVC plantations have been used extensively to turn outdoor verandah areas into a convertible indoor area when needed. They are unique, in that, they can enclose the area as a normal wall can, making the area more intimate and inviting, whilst still allowing for the outside atmosphere to still be present. A verandah with these types of plantations installed around it, also creates shelter for those in the area, should the weather turn nasty. This sheltering from the elements becomes more important in the summer, too, as PVC will help insulate and keep the area cool.

Awning/wall combination

A highly innovative use for outdoor shutters is using them as part of a folding awning, which can drop down at any time to form a see through wall. This has been used a lot on long patio areas that surround houses. This usage adds a great deal of flexibility to the patio as either a large, sheltered gathering area, or as an enclosed corridor. Timber tends to be used more for this, due to the natural warmth that various woods can provide to the exterior of a home.

Have you ever installed plantation shutters into your important outdoor areas? How have you found them so far?