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Thinking of Motorised Blinds? Now is the Best Time to Buy!

April 14, 2015

Electrically operated blinds, once thought of as an expensive investment, are now cheaper than ever before, thanks to a sudden increase in providers and cheaper manufacturing processes. Once the sole domain of renowned motorised blinds provider Somfy, there are now many competitors, including Nice and Merger, that are providing equally as efficient systems.

On top of the motorised system dropping in price, the many curtains and blinds that can now be electrically operated is literally endless. Everything from elegant and beautiful fabric Roman blinds to dedicated outdoor blinds can now be wound up, down or side-to-side at the click of a button. Also, with the improved efficiency of remotely operated systems, the wall switch operated motors are now a thing of the past!

Below we have listed three great advantages of having a brilliant electric blinds system installed in your home. As always, you can contact our friendly staff for more information on motor systems and other useful curtain accessories. Having provided motorised systems to hundreds of households across Melbourne, we are in the ideal position to pass on our extensive knowledge onto our highly valued customers.

Removing Unsightly Cords & Pulleys

The old cord mechanism, although effective, had the downside of cluttering up your wall space. This was a particular problem with roller blinds of all kinds, as the conventional ball chain design often looked out of place with many home interiors. These cords also posed a health risk in families with young kids. Children tend to play with anything that isn’t anchored down, and looped curtain cords can unfortunately lead to disastrous consequences.

Electric operated blinds remove the need for cords, allowing a clean look for your home interior, as well as effectively removing the potential hazard that they pose for children.

Easy for People with Restricted Mobility

Electrically powered blinds also provide a highly beneficial aspect, that of the helping hand they provide for the elderly and those with limited mobility. At the press of a button, the blinds can effortlessly open or close, removing the requirement to move around to unfold creases or to use the old pulley system. They can also be placed on an automatic timer, for incredible added convenience.

Perfect for Outdoor Areas

Rather than having to risk the mad dash to wind down your outdoor blinds when rain or wind strikes, you can easily combat extreme weather conditions simply by pressing a button! Many electric motors are now almost completely resistant to the outdoor elements, and can easily be accommodated into your outdoor areas. This ensures that your verandah setting can be quickly and effectively protected.

Motorised systems are also handy during the hot summer months, as they can be effortlessly wound up or down from anywhere in the backyard, to ensure a nice, cool area after the garden work is done. They can also be partially wound up or down, allowing you to let in just enough light to keep the area nice and warm without creating an extremely hot atmosphere.