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What makes folding arm awnings so good?

June 7, 2016

In our last article, we talked about how awnings were perfectly suited to the many extremes of weather in Melbourne and indeed across Victoria. Being easily deployed when needed, and just as quickly placed away when not, awnings are the perfect match for any household that loves making use of the great outdoors. In this article, we’re going to be talking about one type of awning that embodies all of these brilliant aspects; folding arm awnings.

Folding arm awnings, as the name suggests, use a “V” shape arm mechanism as their principle movement. Keeping the covering material taut, as well as offering a more reliable solution to awnings, a folding arm awning can be made to be quite large as a result. For those with elongated houses, or for those that have a long and narrow path or patio that they want covered, folding arm awnings are going to be just perfect for you.

There are many other benefits too, and we’re going to be jotting them all down below. You will notice that these advantages centre around an accessible, long lasting, and highly stylish solution for those wanting awnings. There will also be a huge benefit for businesses in the hospitality sector, too, both in practicality and presentation of their restaurant or hotel.


Incredibly easy to use thanks to the mechanism which holds it together, folding arm awnings are perfect for those seeking a hassle-free covering option. For those that are old enough to remember the old and cumbersome rod operated awnings of several decades ago, this will be a welcome addition. What’s more, folding arm awnings are some of the easiest of any type of window furnishings or coverings to be motorised, providing the most convenient solution available.

Durable and stylish

Folding arm awnings are proof that you don’t have to compromise on either style or longevity to achieve one or the other. Their build, owing to the mechanism holding it in place, makes them appear very sleek, thin, and stylish. Folding arm awnings blur the lines between traditional and modern design, as a result of this, and as such are perfectly suited to many different types of building styles.Folding arm awnings will also come with powder coated aluminium railings as standard, and will withstand practically anything that the weather throws at it.

Great for restaurants

Been down Lygon Street recently? One thing you will notice is the overwhelmingly large number of restaurants that are using folding arm awnings not only to provide shelter for outside diners, but also to advertise. The capacity for folding arm awnings to be very large creates a unique opportunity to adorn your business’ image onto it, effectively projecting it throughout the entire area. Their durability also means that they are a cost-effective and long-lasting way to both shelter and promote your restaurant.

If you want to find out more about folding arm awnings, and what they can do for you, give us a call today on (03) 9310 3730. We’ll be able to answer all of your enquiries, and can even organise a free measure and quote for you from one of our expert technicians. We’ll be able to give you a simply unbeatable price on your folding arm awnings, and you can count on us to get it fitted perfectly on the first time of asking.