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What’s driving the plantation shutter revolution?

May 26, 2015

As far as trends go in the curtains and blinds industry, there is no hotter item on the market today than that of shutters. Providing complete control against the amount of light allowed into your home, as well as keeping privacy as high as possible, these window coverings have endeared themselves to many of Melbourne’s homeowners. When we look at the insulative qualities of shutters, on top of their other benefits, it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. But did you know that there are many other great reasons to purchase plantation shutters for your own home? Below, we’ve listed three reasons why plantations are so favoured in today’s market, on top of the advantages they provide to homeowners looking to fine tune their interior design.

The Blinds Spot Co has all of your needs for plantation shutters in Melbourne covered, and you can call us on (03) 9310 3730 to get your measure and quote service free, or simply to enquire about our services, at anytime. Incredible durability and versatility guaranteed Shutters are commonly made in materials such as basswood, poplar, aluminium, and PVC, all of which are engineered to be resistant to both extreme weather patterns and general wear and tear. Because of this unrivalled durability, plantations are uniquely adept at fulfilling a wide range of different purposes, both outside and inside.

These coverings can be found enclosing outdoor gathering areas, equally as much as they can be seen adorning the windows of thousands of interiors across the city. Increasing the value of your property It is well known that the appearance of visually attractive window coverings can dramatically increase the value of your home, and shutters can do this both effortlessly and easily. Plantations possess a natural, rustic aesthetic, which is one of the key design elements that interior architects use to endear the home to would-be buyers.

Shutters also complement other parts of the interior design, owing to the versatility we discussed above, and can enhance, and even highlight, these key features of your home’s decoration. Remarkable affordability Perhaps the most important aspect of the popularity of shutters is their incredible affordability – this despite all of their amazing benefits. As plantations are made from relatively traditional and simplistic manufacturing methods, the low cost of its production has been passed on in the overall retail price. With more and more homes right across Australia investing in their own shutter coverings, these amazingly low prices aren’t set to stop anytime soon! What was your favourite reason behind the popularity of plantation coverings?