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Bespoke Outdoor Blinds locally made in Melbourne

Outdoor Blinds

The Blinds Spot Co. is Melbourne’s leading outdoor blinds specialist. All our outdoor blinds are specially designed to reduce glare and heat transmission. As leading providers of quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne, we take pride in our practical yet attractive home solutions We work with the latest technology and materials from some of the most well-known brands in the market. We also aim to provide you with a one-stop-shop experience for all of your outdoor patio blinds.

Be it alfresco blinds to transform your outdoor setting or patio blinds to enclose your verandah, our range of choices will be perfect for the task. Our blinds are made with the latest, pin-point accurate cutting machines, as well as durable parts, making them able to stand the test of time.

Our wide range of custom made outdoor blinds are designed to cater to all purposes that you can imagine. Featuring the latest gliding system, Ziptrak, outdoor blinds prove to be reliable under all conditions.

From weather resistant outdoor blinds to the more elegant of outdoor shades, we cover it all. Our outdoor blinds are all custom made, and can even be motorised for more convenience.

Why Choose Outdoor Patio or Alfresco Blinds?

  1. Patio Blinds give you the shelter to use your outdoor area throughout the year. The extended covered space increases your property value as it serves as an ideal space for entertaining family and friends.
  2. Our outdoor blinds provide apt privacy too. Technological advancements have made rolling the blinds easier. Latest in line are the motorised outdoor blinds which can be controlled with a click from your smartphone.
  3. While outdoor blinds solve many purposes, they are affordable and durable.

Practical blinds for all types of purposes and settings

We specialise in a wide range of outdoor blinds for both homes and businesses, including, but not limited to:

  • Alfresco blinds, Creates that distinctive, alfresco area that you have always wanted.
  • Patio blinds, Allows anyone design that special verandah or porch area to live out their dream.
  • Zipscreen® blinds, Stands tough against harsh weather conditions and easiest-to-use zip system that there is on the market.
  • External blinds – Used by businesses, provides shelter for customers and makes your business easily identifiable in the crowded place and with a customised pattern, design helps in branding.
  • Motorised blinds – Adds that extra little bit of convenience by installing motorised blinds. We are featuring the Somfy range of durable electrical systems.

If you are unsure about which blind suits your need best, speak to our blinds experts today. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff can also help you with some design tips and provide insightful suggestions over the choice of colour and pattern. Also if you have any queries about electrically operated systems anywhere in Melbourne call us to enquire more.

So if you are in Melbourne and exploring cost effective, budget outdoor blinds talk to us today about learning how our outdoor blinds can beautify your home’s exterior. We offer a free measure and design consultation service.

Zipscreen alfresco blinds in Melbourne

Zipscreen Alfresco Blinds

Zipscreen Alfresco Blinds

Zipscreen Alfresco blinds combine quality fabrics and parts with a unique, “ziplock” guide system. This system provides the fabric with a great degree of tautness, and also makes them easy to pull down or retract. Another good news is that Zipscreen blinds come in a range of colours and designs.

Zipscreen blinds, with impressive features, are designed to be the long lasting patio blinds. Highlights of Zipscreen blinds are:

  • Fixed side channels for secure, guided movement.
  • A leveller which makes adjusting for slants and oddly shaped areas much easier.
  • A simple zip function runs through the channels for accessibility of movement.
  • A slim, 40mm side function for simple and easy placement anywhere.
  • A side tension system, which holds the fabric taut and in place at all times.
  • A fully enclosed, powder coated aluminium hood box.
  • A range of external blinds friendly operating systems, including crank gear, spring operation, and Somfy electrical motors.

To read more about the range of Zipscreen blinds, you can click here to read this informative brochure from manufacturer Acmedia (PDF Format).

Outdoor Blinds

The benefits of having outdoor patio blinds.

Outdoor Blinds. The outdoor blinds that we can offer your home will not only look great, but they will also offer you a huge amount of benefits. Our patio blinds act as an excellent shade for the hotter summer seasons in Melbourne. They are able to withstand and block over 95% of nasty ultraviolet radiation from entering the enclosed area, providing a safe, shaded area for when it gets hot.


Top 6 things you need to ask before buying PVC Patio blinds.

PVC patio blinds are an amazing addition to the outdoor blind options available. It blocks the dust, strong wind and insects while maintaining the view of the outdoors. Known by different names – patio, cafe, bistro, pergola and alfresco blinds, no matter how tempted you are to just buy one, it is important that you gather the relevant information before doing the investment.

1. Check if the blind is track guided?

The purpose of outdoor blinds is to block the wind, dust and flying insects as best as it can. Usually, the blinds are loose from the sides thereby leaving huge gaps. This defeats the whole purpose. If you agree to the above point then most likely you are after blinds with track guide. PVC patio blinds with track guides close seamlessly on the edges.

2. Is the PVC of high quality?

Since the PVC patio blinds are constantly exposed to heat, light, wind, dust besides environmental pollution, you want to ensure that you are investing in good quality cafe blind. Ask for 0.75 mm or thicker quality PVC which ensures that the blind is not brittle, can withstand the adverse weather and also prevent from discolouration.

3. Is it easy to operate the blind?

One of the features which we easily overlook while purchasing new items is to check its operation. Prior to purchasing, it is a good idea to check how easy and hasslefree i is to operate the blind. Avoid blinds which have zips, ropes, pulleys as they are likely to require a little longer to open and close. Opting for spring-balanced blinds is a good idea as you decide the length by simply pulling the blind to the desired length.

4. Is it a good idea to install it myself?

While it is tempting to save a few extra dollars by buying the high-end product from the market yet choosing to install or assemble it ourselves, you will most likely be better off by letting the supplier send its experts over to install the blinds in your house or business.

5. Which is better – PVC or sunscreen mesh?

If you prefer to completely block the wind, dust and flies without blocking the outdoor view, you are better off with choosing the clear PVC but if your business or outdoor area gets sunlight more than you desire, choosing sunscreen mesh is a good idea.

6. Is the blind suited for windy conditions?

It is suggested that if the wind is more than 60 kmph, the outdoor blinds are rolled up. You are better off asking the supplier how does the blind perform in windy conditions once it is installed in your premises.

Check out our range of outdoor blinds, which offer you features, including:

  • Unhindered view from an enclosed area, while making sure that privacy is uncompromised.
  • Protection from inclement weather.
  • Extended outdoor area, easy to install.
  • Invisible seam, that does not infringe upon the open space around it.
  • A rich range of choice in colours to compliment your home’s exterior.
  • The price which is easy in your pocket.

Downloadable Outdoor Sunshade Blinds Brochures

In Acmeda: Brochure ZIPSCREEN