Plantation shutters – Everything you need to know.

April 19, 2017

What are plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are not just any window dressings. Giving a modern touch, these classic window dressings are well suited for homes, offices and businesses alike. Made of high-quality wood, plantation shutters can be slatted like blinds. That is why they are also often referred as plantation blinds or shutter blinds.

Besides being great at adding security and improving the acoustics, plantation shutters are now a style statement. The slats of the blinds vary and give different look to each space. They can also be painted and stained for the desired look.

Different varieties of plantation shutters.

There are two kinds of plantation shutters- slated also known as louvred and solid. The slatted shutters look like blinds but because they are made of wood, they are efficient insulators thereby saving energy. Plantation shutters are also effective in providing privacy and light control.

Though expensive due to the material used and increasing demand, installing plantation shutters does increase the value of your property.

Solid plantation shutters are often used as two or three panels which fold back into the window recess or open out to completely cover the whole window. They act as an additional security to the house.

How are they better than other indoor coverings?

Plantation shutters are better interior window dressings over other options on many counts- the top most being its evergreen look. Once limited to few countries of Europe, plantation shutters are now a suave element which impresses every home buyer in Australia. With a little more investment, these give your office or home a modern look. A wood paint to complement or contrast your interiors keeps these shutters like near new for a long time.

How to care and maintain?

Easy to clean and maintain, a soft dusting or light wet wipe is just great for cleaning and caring for these window dressings. These shades are available at competitive price and are one of the best buys which you should invest in.