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Plantation Shutters – Highest Quality – Affordable Price

Due to their incredible versatility throughout all seasons, and their particular period appearance, many households have chosen to invest in plantation shutters. Offering a distinctive look to your home, and ensuring that controllable light and privacy are kept as high as possible, it is little wonder that plantation shutters have become a popular alternative to conventional.

Plantation Shutters Cost Effectiveness

Plantation shutters prices are relatively low, and thanks to an advancement in technological innovation, can be placed on even the most unusually shaped window frames. Plantation shutters cost effectiveness stems from their relatively simple construction process, without compromising on the quality these window coverings can offer your household. Shutters can also incorporate numerous materials, allowing you to tie their appearance into your interior design.

What sets them apart from conventional curtains is their impressive insulative quality. Shutters are renowned for their ability to allow homeowners to effectively control the interior temperature, and Australian plantation shutters are no different. Treated in such a way as to be completely resistant to the extreme nature of our climate, plantation shutters can provide you with a way to trap heat in the winter, and keep the room cool in the summer.

Plantation Shutters

The Versatility of Plantation Shutters

Plantations provide a European feel because they are classical and contemporary at the same time. Our commitment to quality makes us well renowed for plantation shutters. When selecting your style of shutters or other type of window covering, our consultant will help you decide the best alternative to suit your home and lifestyle, taking into account such things as:

  • What is the level of privacy required?
  • Is there a view to maximize?
  • What are the most ‘child-friendly’ alternatives?
  • What fixing methods are available?

Once a list of options is established, the choice is yours! These window coverings are typically installed as Hinged, Bi fold or Sliding. We can also cater for feature windows such as arches and triangles, corner and bay windows, as well as room dividers, robe and pantry doors. Plantations can cater for most shaped windows so there are very little limitations in where they can go. Our plantation shutters range comes in 2 types of materials which includes the following:

  • Painted basswood
  • Stained basswood
  • Poplar timber

Poplar Plantation Shutters

For those concerned with the durability and long life of their coverings, poplar shutters can offer you total protection from the elements, whilst also adding a high degree of security and privacy to your home. Poplar is an extremely dense hardwood, and is a favourite for commercial plantation shutters , providing an attractive front to the business whilst also effectively protecting the business’ assets.

We offer an excellent range of whites to suit the décor of the house. We also offer a standard colour of Black. Also available is the option of us painting the coverings to your custom paint allowing to match your plantations to your paint brand. Also available as an extra is our exclusive shutter gloss finish. Available with either Centre Rotation or Clearview. Bi-Fold, Sliding, Circle, Oval, Arch, Triangle, Rake, Bay Window, Corner Window, T-Posts, and more.

With many years of experience, Hometec Plantation paint finish has been refined to deliver a market leading end result. Hometec employ a 5 Coat Paint System to deliver our quality paint finish. For the first coat, we use a timber sealer to protect against moisture. This is then followed by two undercoats to protect against UV rays. We then finish with two thick coats of UV and moisture resistant top coats, giving the shutter a smooth, grainless finish.

Plantation Shutters

The Best Plantation Shutters Available Anywhere Else

We are your first port-of-call for the best plantation shutters, and we also pride ourselves on being able to offer our beloved customers with the most cheap plantation shutters. You can contact us at anytime on (03) 9310 3730 to organise a free quote and measure regarding installing plantation shutters in your home, and we are more than happy to advise you on which type of plantation shutters will most benefit you.

We can also offer you plantation shutters in an extensive range of colours and patterns to choose from, all of which come with our exceptional standards of high quality and affordability.