The top 3 trends for window dressing, this winters.

May 9, 2017

Get your home some major style points, while keeping the natural lights indoors this winter. Whether you are choosing for fresh window treatments or starting from scratch, drape your windows in style this season and wow your senses.

Changes in your window dressing are the easier part of giving your indoor the desired facelift. Pick the latest fads which are so cool, you won’t mind keeping it for longer.

Wood woven shades.

Wood woven shades

Get exotic with the hand woven wood shades, bamboo, reed, bark, grasses and jute. There are not just roman shades made by bamboo but also shutters made of woven wood. Window dressing like woven bamboos and matchsticks not just add a class to your interiors but also act as good insulators to your home and office. Woven shades send in diffused light so you are connected with the outdoors without compromising on your privacy.

Contrasting fabric curtains.

Fabrics are a mainstay for interior designers for a reason. Window dressings made of textiles, give you a range of options to play around with a gamut of patterns, colours and fabrics. Be it the sheer pleat curtains, eyelet curtains, block out blinds, translucent blinds and sunscreen blinds, there are many choices to make.

However the latest in window dressing is layered curtains and drapes with contrasting textures and colours. A combination of fruity peach, lemon, teal with a complimenting and contrasting hue adds drama to your space. The key here is to develop the theme of the room in conjunction with other soft furnishings.

Fashionable Roman Shades.

Roman blinds add a heightened sense of privacy and make for attractive interiors. With changing time, there has been many variations in the designs. However popular designs like Austrian and Butterfly blinds are gaining popularity this season.

Austrian blinds are the extravagant and beautiful blinds commonly more suitable for large living spaces. Austrian blinds are a fantastic way of adding that extra class and style to the home interior. Available in a wide range of flamboyant colours and patterns, there is an Austrian Roman blind for every household.

Butterfly Romans are so named because of their winged appearance, which gives the illusion that the curtain folds out, rather than down. Usually crafted from a softer fabric, such as tulle, butterfly Romans are highly detailed in structure. They also offer a unique, illuminating property, that helps to brighten up areas of the home that do not receive regular sun.

Window dressing trends are moving away from nakedness to stylish window drapery and blinds. These styles have a streak of casualness to it.

Let us know which one is your favorite?